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Flower Lantern is a floral design company that specializes in elegant, inventive yet sophisticated bouquets and arrangements.

About Kathryn
After many years of enjoying working in flower shops, completing as many floral design classes she could find and gardening until she was dreaming about plants, Kathryn opened Flower Lantern in 2003. It is located in Davis Bay on the Sunshine Coast, British Columbia, Canada. Kathryn draws her inspiration from nature, colour, flowers, and light.

About Flower Lantern
We are not a retail boutique that has a regular supply of flowers in stock. Instead, we ensure that each order is designed and created with each individual client in mind.

Kathryn selects hand picked flowers directly from her source in Vancouver to ensure the freshest, highest quality and longest-lasting blooms. Most of our flowers are grown right here in BC. We are committed to reducing our global foot print through composting, recycling and buying locally whenever possible.